Mysolution PAYROLL

Mysolution PAYROLL, weekly, 4-weeks, and monthly payrolling 

Mysolution has developed the PAYROLL module in close cooperation with our partner Mercash and optimized it for temporary staffing agencies (weekly payrolling), secondment agencies (weekly/4-weeks payrolling) and consultancy agencies (4-weeks/monthly payrolling).
Comparable to Mysolution PLANNING (scheduling) and MATCHING, the Mysolution PAYROLL is a completely integrated part of our total solution, including the financial administration. Completing timesheets is for us the perfect moment to do the payrolling and the billing run. They can run independently and will automatically end up in the ledger afterwards. So there is no need to transfer linkages or condensations to a separate financial system, because everything is completely integrated in the financial module of Mysolution.

ABU, NBBU and any other collective agreement

We do not stop once the (ABU or NBBU) collective agreement is implemented, at that moment we are just getting started. Of course, you can do the payrolling for your permanent workers within our software solution. And following other collective agreements than the ones of ABU and NBBU is what we do. Especially the possibility to combine collective agreements can yield profits for our customers.

Pension schemes

Here goes the same story as for the collective agreements, we do not stop after the implementation of the pension scheme. That very often is just the beginning of one of the many flavors we deliver. The ease with which we can adapt arrangements surprises many other software providers in our market. We are used to the fact that our software has been created with tools from the 21st century and that it provides solutions that belong to the 21st century. They do not cost more, they yield more.