Mysolution PSA

Solution for business services

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Mysolution PSA is designed for business service providers delivering professionals on a project base to their clients. It is an integrated solution for selection and matching, planning, time tracking, billing, contract management and project administration.

Mysolution Planning

Mysolution completely redesigned the planning module in the last two years in a strong graphical user interface. This planning module is unique due to its total integration. Professionals can be planned in advance for a certain period on one or more projects. When authorized in advance, they are able to do so themselves.

Mysolution Portal/App

Fill in time sheets when it suits you. "Anywhere, anytime on any device." Of course fully integrated with the back office and front office of Mysolution so the bill generation is started automatically. Availability, number of holidays, timesheets, charges and absenteeism can be accessed through the portal and modified if necessary.

Microsoft Power BI

Increase your business value by providing consistent and insightful decision-making throughout your organization with a powerful, secure and managed solution for BI analytics. You can seamlessly integrate enterprise and cloud data. Extend your investments in data and increase productivity by making analytical models that can be used for interactive data analysis, reporting and data visualization.

Project administration

From sales opportunities to projects, from timesheets to financial settlements, the entire lifecycle of a project is transparent and manageable within a single integrated environment. Progress, Estimate to Complete (ETC) and project results are always clearly structured and up-to-date. That's how Mysolution PSA makes your project administration more efficient.
BMC over Mysolution PSA
"BMC realizes digital transformation with Mysolution PSA"
ProblemIn the past 10 years, a lot of custom designed software was developed for BMC. The digital transformation has been developing rapidly, making custom designed software extremely expensive.
SolutionA standard solution in which both the front office and the back office are integrated in the digital transformation is now realized with Mysolution PSA for both consultancy and secondment activities of BMC.