Mysolution FLEX

The future for the flexible labour market

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An integrated unity of the front, -mid- and backoffice, scheduling and financial administration. That is something unique in the world of staffing and recruiting. We would like to go even one step further: important tasks and documents clearly visible on smart-phone and tablet. We are ready for the future. Are you?

RoleTailored Client

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an intuitive user interface, called the RoleTailored Client, that developers, administrators and super users can customize. For each role within an organization, an adjustable Role Center displaying important information is created for the employees, making their daily tasks easier.

Mysolution Matching

Mysolution has developed the matching technology particularly well recently. It is unique that we can match "stand-alone" or include matching in our planning. Planning and matching modules are seamlessly integrated. Mysolution Matching makes use of the "in-memory" matching principle. As a result, the speed of the match is determined by the internal memory of the server. In-memory matching because it must still be fast at 400.000 C.V.'s.

Mysolution Planning

Mysolution completely redesigned the planning module in the last two years in a strong graphical user interface. This planning module is unique due to its total integration. Professionals can be planned in advance for a certain period on one or more projects. When authorized in advance, they are able to do so themselves.

Mysolution Portal/App

Fill in time sheets when it suits you. "Anywhere, anytime on any device." Of course fully integrated with the back office and front office of Mysolution so the bill generation is started automatically. Availability, number of holidays, timesheets, charges and absenteeism can be accessed through the portal and modified if necessary.
Susa over Mysolution FLEX
"Susa, student staffing agency, integrates with Mysolution FLEX"
ProblemHaving to choose between ‘best or breed’, in which for each process the best performing product was chosen, turned out to be infeasible. Connecting five different applications did not provide Susa with a stable solution.
SolutionEmbracing the “everything in one” way of thinking in the solution offered by Mysolution FLEX in which the front-and backoffice processes, including planning and financial administration, are an integrated part of the complete solution. The result of that is that the commercial, administrative and planning processes can be settled very efficiently.