About us

Together successful by thinking and being innovative
Mysolution helps temporary employment, secondment and business services agencies increase their performance. We achieve that by developing innovative software and apps for our customers. Microsoft delivers the newest technology and we develop and add on new functionalities and applications that increase the return on investment of our customers.

Why Mysolution?

In everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. Just a little bit different than everyone else: more innovative, more integrated and with more passion. If we hear that something seems to be impossible, a new challenge is born. This strategy has resulted in unique solutions for the flexible labour market and the consultancy market/ business services market that help our customers to spend their time more effectively.


There is no point in doing something that has already been done. If something is well thought of, we will use it. If it can be improved, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work. We chose Microsoft Dynamics as our platform and Microsoft as our technology partner, which keeps us at the fore in the integration of all business processes. This helps our customers to be at the fore as well in their own market. Read more about Microsoft as our technology partner on the Microsoft page.


Mysolution can be described as servient, pragmatic and innovative. These values get acknowledged by our interns, customers, partners and employees. We enjoy increasing our competitive advantage by coming up with and implementing innovative and workable solutions that will directly deliver results (which also means money) for our customers and their customers. That’s why, Mysolution.

Support at a high level

Besides developing innovative software and high quality implementations, our people also provide excellent support. That may seem as a matter of course, but appears to be distinctive in the flexible labour market, consultancy and business services. We like to provide our customers, and you, with the best service possible, because we take your business personally. That’s why, Mysolution.


Mysolution dares to be different; more innovative, offering better solutions and a complete integration between all processes. Our customers can affirm that we are committed. We always go for the best results and everything gets fixed, always. If necessary, we are available every day and night. We are strategically strong, creative and we focus on complete solutions for intermediaries working in the flexible labour market. That’s why, Mysolution.